Brave Little Country (part 1)

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The Law says:

Why are “the Jews” always blamed? Are they simply an easy vulnerable target, used by tyrants, a Weapon of Mass Deception, a tool, to unite their masses against and seize/maintain power.


This song is track 7 on the album Imagine Jihad (part 1).

Song lyrics

Part I: Mental Health

We all know there's anti feeling, envy
Jealousy, there's hate
But when the Jews are always blamed
You can tell the mental health
Of any society
It's a litmus test if you will
There's a new strain of the old lethal virus
Morphed like wildfire all around us
Jew-hatred mutated to anti-Zionist
The prescribed drug for this deadly affliction, wipe the Jewish national home
Right out of existence
A giant Auschwitz, a solution more final
Than before

Part II: A Pariah State

Made to look like a pariah state
PR bullies paid by Sheiks
How else could David little David with a string
Become Goliath? Well let me explain
Back in Cairo in '69 there was a plot
They got to redefine
And hi-jack the facts for media hacks until
The plot succeeded.
'69 is way back when
But now half the staff at APTN
Are Arab speaking - fakin' the news
In Camden Town, condemning the Jews
That's London, England,
The plot's succeeded.
A new story has now been told
Lies and distortions now being sold
Bully and victim have now swapped their roles
Of the Second International Conference in Support of Arab Peoples.

Part III: It’s The Jews!

It's the Jews who destroyed the WTC
And it's the Jews who are the new Nazis
Jews spread AIDS to Arabs and yet
The Jews drink the blood of those they infect.
Sound Feasible?
To You?
... it's not Kosher.
It's propaganda just a distraction
A calculated plan of action
No way else for them to stake their claim
So spread more bullshit and then take aim
If truth was really on their side
We'd be hearing more than just a pack of lies.
Brave Little Country
Soldiers On

Part IV: Refugees: Arab

Whoever heard of refugees
For over 50 bloody years
Their leaders hung them out to dry
Don't care if they live or die
Oil flows from the Arab Nations
Wealth beyond your wildest dreams
Always money there for martyrs
Propaganda's death machine
If you had so much to give
Would you not help your brothers live?
Resettle them in your vast lands
Or do you not believe in helping hands?
Are their leaders evil and bad
Just victims of their own Jihad

Part V: Victim of Jihad?

Oh is everybody just a victim of, victim of
Is everybody just a victim of
Oh is everybody just a victim of jihad?
Oh is everybody just a victim of jihad?

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