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Welcome to The Library by Weapon of Musical Defense


The Library by Weapon of Musical Defense is where we provide comprehensive background notes and details for all our songs.

You will notice that there are navigation buttons to the left which will allow you to find particular articles within this part of our site. The navigation bar above will take you to the multimedia parts of the site. The Library is always accessible via the main navigation bar and via various links when more detail on a particular subject is needed.

Music to explain Islam and Jihad

We think there are concepts and ideas more people in the world need to know and understand. Unfortunately the only way to learn about this now is to:

  • read many hard to find books;
  • follow the anti-Jihad blogosphere;
  • self study of Islamic sources.

We know some of you have done this. Well done. But we also know that many who should have done, haven't.

Weapon of Musical Defense is something people can hear, listen to and understand. In each of our songs we condense some of the most complex subjects. We hope this will provide people the starting point from which they can self discover and form their own informed opinion.

We’re also providing a large amount of background material both on our site and linked to. Over time this library will grow and grow.

Jihad is the obligation of all living Muslims

  • But does it really call for violence or is it an inner struggle?
  • Has the 1450 year history of Jihad always been presented honestly?
  • Should we believe it when Muslims tell us they plan to subjugate non-Muslims through Jihad?

Holding it all together, writing the lyrics and most of the songs is "The Law". He was personally affected by 9-11 and decided to shift the focus of his life into a life of music. After being shocked by reading the Koran and the other foundational texts of Islam, he started to turn what he knew into music.

Once The Law found Sir Real to collaborate with, the project really took shape. Sir Real is both a virtuoso musician and a stunning music producer. He's also collaborated to write some of the songs and worked hard to finesse the lyrics. Sir Real has an amazing rock career playing with many of the greats of rock and has a string of his own hits while also working at the highest level of music production in the world today.

To complete the line up the band needed both Rappa Slappa on bass, vocals and additional guitars and Hamma on the drums. Many of the songs feature vocal performances by Celia Phate, Basta Cashandara, Goldilox and Dr. Fybze. These musicians, who work at the pinnacle of Rock, came on board both musically and philosophically. Truly the music moved them.

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Albums Currently in The Library

Songs Currently in The Library

NumAlbumTrackSong TitleTag LinesTime
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)1PhilosophyHow can there ever be peace and reconciliation if Muslims don't lay down their arms and say "we're sorry, we won't do Jihad again"?5:42
Imagine Jihad (part 2)1Imagine JihadWhat would happen if your country was conquered by Jihad?12:15
Imagine Jihad (part 3)1Toward a Universal CaliphateIslam uses religion as a weapon in its war, to conquer and rule the world7:17
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)2AppeasementPeace at what price? Are we not kidding ourselves? Do we sacrifice our principles in the name of diplomacy? Can evil ever be compromised?2:58
Imagine Jihad (part 3)2ChangeWe are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!3:54
Imagine Jihad (part 2)2Mohammed A BiographyIslam uses religion as a weapon in its war to conquer and rule the world.2:51
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)3It's Just an ExcuseAn excuse to draw a veil over Muslim ambition of world domination. Is that what Jihad really means? Are you ready to submit?8:20
Imagine Jihad (part 2)3The ChoiceJust submit or die.7:12
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)4DhimmitudeThe comprehensive legal system established by Muslim conquerors to rule native non-Muslim populations subdued by jihad. "Protection" money must be paid but non-Muslims have no legal rights.4:44
Imagine Jihad (part 2)4Who Is The OIC?Is this the reincarnation of the Caliphate?4:09
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)5Best NationIslam's Declaration on Human Rights is supremacist. It effectively proclaims God said Islam must rule "mankind," non-Muslim's have no rights, must submit. This is jihad! How come it's accepted by the UN?5:04
Imagine Jihad (part 2)5PalestineTell me, who is a Palestinian?4:18
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)6DictatorsWe wrote this when we realized Mohammed, model for all Muslims, was a dictator. Tyrants can seize power over any peoples but is this why Islam tends to dictatorship? Where is the love?4:26
Imagine Jihad (part 2)6Peace of Islam (part 2)Mohammed made an offer to the Jews, one they couldn't refuse.4:24
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)7Brave Little Country (part 1)Why are “the Jews” always blamed? Are they simply an easy vulnerable target, used by tyrants, a Weapon of Mass Deception, a tool, to unite their masses against and seize/maintain power.5:27
Imagine Jihad (part 2)7ProtectionWe run a protection racket like the Mafia5:30
1Imagine Jihad (part 1)8Folly of MillionsHow come multitudes followed nazis and communists down the road to hell? How come millions “do” jihad, commit unspeakable atrocities?3:58
Imagine Jihad (part 2)8Religion as a WeaponIslam uses religion as a weapon in its war to conquer and rule the world.0:58
Imagine Jihad (part 2)9CanaryAs if Jews are the problem, as if they're the cause.2:44
Imagine Jihad (part 2)10ValuesJudaism is so misrepresented that the essential meaning of the Bible, which is the liberation of man from physical and spiritual slavery is forgotten.5:33

Notes about Songs Currently in The Library

Technical Note

The more technical among you might notice that we're using the MediaWiki software which is the same as that used by Wikipedia for example. This does not mean that The Library is open to editing by just anyone. MediaWiki is a very useful tool for us to put this information together, but we have no plans to open this site up to editing by anyone but the WMD team members.