Dhimmitude - a video - January 2, 2015 by Gallila Watch

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Dhimmitude - a video - January 2, 2015 by tiberge - Gallila Watch

Extract:This animation video was sent to me by Kidist Asrat, Toronto-based administrator of Reclaiming Beauty, where an embarrassment of riches on our culture, past and present, await you.

In her e-mail, Kidist made the following remarks about the video. At the end she provides two links that I have included here. One of them is to a 2010 post at GalliaWatch:

This is a fascinating animation. I think this kind of aggressive jihad isn't going on now. Instead, as Mohammed does demand, Muslim's are "blending in" with the cultures they live in until they can start the aggressive and militant jihad. For example, I keep meaning to take photos of this, but women are wearing the head coverings (hijabs), but with that, jeans or tight leggings. I think it is partly to avoid the head-to-toe niqab which might scare off the non-Muslims, and it is partly so that these women might feel that they can participate in this culture in some way. Another example is that I see these hijabed women showing keen interest in perfume (but I never see them in the "fashion" section of clothes). This is another, less visible, way in which they can participate in feminine things.
In any case, I really like the way the animation portrays the way Jesus and Moses have been appropriated by Islam, and the chilling way our modern cities are slowly changing into Muslim ones. I have written many times on the mosques that keep popping up along main roads and highways. Eventually, we get used to them, and even more start going up.
Still, I don't think that ordinary Canadians or Americans will accept this video, and will see its message as false and "discriminatory." There is a long way to go before we can show such images. Even beheadings are not enough to convince people, since it is "radical Islam" that is our enemy, according to our contemporary, multi-culturalist citizens, not this "religion of peace."
But the part about the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, showing the mosque right next to it is not far-fetched at all. Tiberge at Galliawatch has documented mosques rising up in various French cities. The video she provides can also be viewed at YouTube.
We have our work cut for us!

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