Imagine Jihad (part 1)

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Imagine Jihad (part 1) Album Cover

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Liner Notes

Weapon of Musical Defense is a group of concerned rockers and rock stars. After 9-11 we were horrified at the hate & exhortations to violence we read in the Koran so we began learning more about what Winston Churchill called “the religion of blood and war”.

We started writing songs and studied to be certain of the facts, all the time becoming more alarmed. Now we want to share our findings with a wider audience. Imagine Jihad is the first album to result from our work.

The album was first released in 2007 and then re-issued in 2014.

TrackSong TitleTag LinesTimeVideo
1PhilosophyHow can there ever be peace and reconciliation if Muslims don't lay down their arms and say "we're sorry, we won't do Jihad again"?5:42
2AppeasementPeace at what price? Are we not kidding ourselves? Do we sacrifice our principles in the name of diplomacy? Can evil ever be compromised?2:58
3It's Just an ExcuseAn excuse to draw a veil over Muslim ambition of world domination. Is that what Jihad really means? Are you ready to submit?8:20
4DhimmitudeThe comprehensive legal system established by Muslim conquerors to rule native non-Muslim populations subdued by jihad. "Protection" money must be paid but non-Muslims have no legal rights.4:44
5Best NationIslam's Declaration on Human Rights is supremacist. It effectively proclaims God said Islam must rule "mankind," non-Muslim's have no rights, must submit. This is jihad! How come it's accepted by the UN?5:04
6DictatorsWe wrote this when we realized Mohammed, model for all Muslims, was a dictator. Tyrants can seize power over any peoples but is this why Islam tends to dictatorship? Where is the love?4:26
7Brave Little Country (part 1)Why are “the Jews” always blamed? Are they simply an easy vulnerable target, used by tyrants, a Weapon of Mass Deception, a tool, to unite their masses against and seize/maintain power.5:27
8Folly of MillionsHow come multitudes followed nazis and communists down the road to hell? How come millions “do” jihad, commit unspeakable atrocities?3:58

This is WMD album number: 1