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The Law says:

Islam's Declaration on Human Rights is supremacist. It effectively proclaims God said Islam must rule "mankind," non-Muslim's have no rights, must submit. This is jihad! How come it's accepted by the UN?


This song is track 5 on the album Imagine Jihad (part 1).

Song lyrics


Best Nation

The best way to look at the original texts of both declarations is on this side by side page showing both documents: Universal Human Rights vs Islamic Human Rights
All human beings are born
Free and Equal
In dignity
And rights
So says The Universal Declaration
Of Human Rights
Human Rights
It is also worth comparing with the start of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.[1]

Then came
The Cairo Declaration
Of Human Rights
In Islam
But what does that mean
To another man?
Or a woman?
Or a child
Who does not believe?
To an infidel?
What does that mean?
What rights?
If you’re not a Muslim?

For more information on how the UN has acquiesced in the acceptance of The Cairo Declaration see the documentation around Mary Robinson

The 1990 Declaration by 56 Islamic states says that all human rights and freedoms are subject to sharia. This, in total contradiction to the United Nations declaration, was acquiesced in and condoned by the U.N. How Come?

The actual text from the start of The Cairo Declaration is: "Reaffirming the civilizing and historical role of the Islamic Ummah which God made the best nation ..."

“God made Islam the Best Nation”
So says Their Human Rights declaration
What about equality,
Sharia Law
On the Contrary
Tells Believers
To discriminate
They’ll decide your fate
You’re an infidel
Who does not believe
Pay protection
And they may tolerate
Or maybe not
What rights?
If you’re not a Muslim?
Muslims superior
Non-Muslims inferior
Muslims superior - OH YES!
Non-Muslims inferior
You must agree to be humiliated
Humbled – exploited – dominated
Don’t even have the right
To your life,
Your home, Your children
Your wife.
I thought the United Nations
Was there to uphold
Equal rights for every
Human being in the World - Didn’t you?
So how can the U.N. look the world in the eye
Accept a declaration to deny
Us infidels
Who do not believe
What does this mean
For the infidels
And our human rights
In ‘48
When they were first proclaimed
What rights…….
In the Muslim Declaration of Human Rights
Not the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
No law to protect the infidel
You’d better hope and pray the Muslim leader is benevolent
And not malevolent.
You’d better hope and pray.
It’s the Cairo declaration
It’s the Cairo declaration
It’s the Cairo declaration of Human Rights
It’s the Cairo declaration
It’s the Muslim declaration
What is this?
This isn’t Human Rights!

Bat Ye'or writes on the incompatibility of Jihad and Human Rights.

This is JIHAD!!
“God made Islam the Best Nation”
So says Their Human Rights Declaration
Could it be
We’re all damned to hell?
What does it mean
To an infidel?
We do not believe
Yes we’re infidels
Where’s our Human Rights?
They’ve been sacrificed
It’s the U.N. way
Just thrown away
What rights - if you’re not a Muslim?

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