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Top Priority Mohammed a Biography (Full Video Coming Soon)

Please help us with German and French for Mohammed a Biography (Full Video Coming Soon)

September 19, 2017

Can you understand English and write in another language?

If you can do that, we really would love to have your help. All our songs are song in English (with a few Allah Huakbar's thrown in of course). We know we can have a bigger impact if we can get our songs translated into other languages.

Our song Dhimmitude has been translated into German, French, Finnish and Hebrew. We'd love to find someone who could work with us on Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin and any other languages! Please don't be shy.

Here are the songs we really want other languages for

Mohammed a Biography (Full Video Coming Soon)

Who is the OIC?

All the videos we're looking for language help with.

How to do it

Fortunately YouTube has a great interface for this: the only requirement (unfortunately) is that you have a Google/YouTube account and that you're logged in. You can contribute either anonymously or with credit.


Getting in Touch

If you want to get in touch there are three main ways:


We have open DM's on Twitter. @WMDRock

Proton Secure Mail

If you want to send us a secure mail, we have an account on ProtonMail: Send us an email on ProtonMail.

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