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The Law says:

What would happen if your country was conquered by Jihad?


This song is track 1 on the album Imagine Jihad (part 2).

Song lyrics

Imagine your country is conquered by Jihad
Peacefully or by force Sharia becomes the law
And you an infidel in your homeland, land of your birth, you lose your rights,
Even your right to life, you lose your property, your children,
You lose your wife
If you submit, don’t resist
You may get a choice, you can convert or buy it all back,
Sign a contract, get protected, tolerated
Provided you pay infidel tax
Agree to be humbled, to know your place
Your new masters
The Muslims
The years go by, your country becomes a tip
No incentive, religious dictatorship
Maybe part of some amorphous mass, an empire
They colonize the place, flood it with immigrants
Strangers in your midst
Say wrong, your numbers up
You're persecuted, you're degraded,
You're humiliated, inferior, and you're made to know it
To bow and scrape that's your lot
You're actually an economic slave, believe it or not
A new Pharaoh is back in business
You think I'm joking
I wish I was
But I'm a lawyer
I've been studying Islamic jurisprudence
Court rulings from the past. Fourteen hundred years
The apologists say NO, Islam's peaceful
Most followers abhor violence, most are moderate
But say Warraq, Spencer, Bat Ye’or, many scholars
Sharia law dictates world rule, that's the problem
Islam's not moderate
I'd always assumed all religions taught
The fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man,
But Islam doesn't teach this
It makes a sharp distinction between believers and non-believers
When Islamic scholars speak of “peace”
They mean the peace that’ll be established when Islam reigns supreme
With one breath “a religion of peace”
With the other if you don’t agree “we’ll cut your head off”
Jihad law is, if your country refuses the peace they offer
Refuses to surrender, it’s resisting the will of Allah
You’re an enemy combatant, an enemy warrior
By this twisted logic, civilian or not
Man, woman or child, in this world of war, conquest and horror
Legally all infidels who resist are participants
Illegal occupiers, no one is an innocent, NO ONE!
You maybe lucky, you maybe not
You’re new ruler maybe vicious or benevolent, it's pot luck
Sharia will always be there, it's Allah's will
You just have to accept that
What can you do, your heart is breaking
You want your country back!
You want it back
You want it back
You want your life, you want your country back
You leave, many stay, you form a national liberation movement in your new place
But if you agitate too loud, don’t appease
Your people behind are hostage, intimidated, persecuted
Maybe even massacred and you are threatened, all tactics of Jihad
All this can induce a state of resigned subjection called Dhimmitude
Characterized by historical amnesia
this can be passed to those around you, the media,
Governments, Prime Ministers, Presidents and it travels overseas!
You're accused of being racist, islamophobic
You're freedom loving, freedom's as important to you as life
The only thing you're anti is anti anti-freedom
Anti evil, anti ignorance, anti national suicide
You study history, find Jihad once conquered half the world, reversed to a third, but it’s
Aggressive, pushing, it’s goal political, derived from The Koran (Sura 9:29)
The world to be Muslim, spokesmen bluff it's spiritual, a smokescreen
You realize that
You look at history again, Spain 800 years to regain
Portugal, the Balkans, Russia, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran Once Zoroastrian,
You know Turkey was once Christian, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon
And what’s all this fuss about a few million Jews.
You know from the Bible Israel was the land of the Jews,
Renamed Palestine by the Romans out of spite, colonized by Arabs
Became a ruin, deserted, last run by Muslim Turks
it wasn’t an Arab country at all
Jews came back, made the desert bloom, you read
Winston Churchill said: Arabs flooded in for work
Israel was approved by the world in the days before the UN was Arab dominated
The Arabs have been trying to destroy it by Jihadist siege ever since
(Where is the love?)
Could it be what happened to the Jews
Has happened to you?… Is it happening over and over?
(Where is the love?)
Hindus, Buddhists, Armenians you too were thrown out of the land that belongs to you
You read more history
There wasn’t one Arab country in the entire world at the time of World War One
Now there’re 22 with a land mass double the size of the U.S.
They’re rich, with Iran two thirds of oil in the world but
Spend the money on Jihad, not on their people
Arabs can’t find it in their hearts
To make a space in land that wasn’t theirs
Freed from the Muslim Caliphate
Vast lands given, to the Arabs
A tiny crumb left for the Jews
Sacrifice and generosity bought the Allies no thank you's
Cause Jihad demands, requires, expects
Jihad can’t say thanks, Jihad only takes
Jihad’s appetite is unlimited
Jihad can’t show gratitude
This goes against the grain against
The Jihad of the faith
Every Muslim's obligated to maintain the Jihad gain
This is the problem for the entire human race
Muslims all infidels, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Agnostics, Atheists
Every country not just little Israel
They’ll sacrifice their own people, now they're professional refugees
Brainwash them into human bombs blow up as many victims as it takes
To blast infidels into submission
You study more
Find Jihad has been a devastating and genocidal war throughout history
Millions massacred, abducted, enslaved, deported
Dispossessed of land, countries colonized
Agonized histories extinguished
Muslim opinion seems to be Jihad’s a liberating and peaceful favour
Granted to infidels/a struggle for moral behavior, to do good
What about the rivers of blood, the historical reality
Jihad contravenes the principle of religious freedom, the very principle of freedom
Religion’s the compulsion of the Jihad religion, not freedom
Jihad’s an institution, core to the religion
It's consistent, persistent, not just an event
Jihad’s a religious requirement
Jihad's a duty, an obligation to subjugate all in the world
The cause of endless conflict, that’s not moderate
Jihad never ceases to blame victims for the effects
The victims for the endless suffering
You know the Arabs are always fighting
But there’s one thing they agree on: Jihad
And look at the booty/it’s their Koranic entitlement!
You read in the Wall Street Journal if freedom reigned, no dictators
There’d be no starvation, poverty alleviated
Arab countries are in a mess, run by dictators
Wanna spread their dysfunction, universalize it
Spread Jihad values
They flood the world with refugees
Jihad by emigration?
Many don’t seem grateful, say they’re victims of globalization
Slogans, brainwashed, their culture superior
No sooner in, they wanna take over
If it wasn’t so real it would be laughable
Comical characters wagging fingers
Blaming, threatening, warning of fiery damnation
Exhorting obedience, what would Charlie Chaplin have made of it?
Or Kafka or George Orwell
As Jackie Mason would say
They’ll spend their billions from oil on war
On winning hearts and minds
Jihad tactics include military and economic, cultural, political
Bribery and corruption
And Taqiyya: Taqiyya is "bull" about religious matters to protect Islam and believers
And Tuquoque: to convince an audience of Infidels it's a religion of peace and tolerance
Spokesmen, who minutes before were sweetness and light
Attack Christianity and Judaism
Support this with blood curdling passages, the Crusades or some obscure texts
But this junk’s wearing thin: Christians and Jews are not doing bible sanctioned
The pattern’s repeating itself, as through history now Jihadists use modern means
Technology they had no hand in creating
Reminds me of the Danny Kaye song ‘bout The King with No Clothes
Is the Jihad religion exposing itself naked before the eyes of the world for what it looks to be
Violent, violent, intent on world domination
Will free folk face the truth with the benefit of hindsight
Fight for the future of their children, for freedom, fight for what's right
You figure it could happen in England
It could happen in France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway
Denmark, Greece, Spain again Portugal, India, The United States, Good God!
Are you paranoid?
They’ll build a mosque top the places of worship like they did in Jerusalem
London, Paris, Rome, Washington
The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th holiest sites in Islam
And if they take your country, well you know it’s Allah’s will
If they fail, humiliation, Allah’s not pleased
They must strive
To fulfill the Prophet’s dream
Who’s gonna stop it?
Who’s gonna stem the tide?
"Strike terror into the heart of the enemy"
The Koran’s full of exhortations to violence, to kill
Who's gonna stop it?
Who's gonna stem the tide?
Can it be reformed?
Is it all or bust? Die, take everyone with them
Where can you run to?
Where can you hide?
What’s the future?
Imagine Jihad, with nuclear weapons
Where can you run to?
Where can you hide?
What's the future for your family?
Your descendants? God help everybody alive.

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