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The Law says:

Tell me, who is a Palestinian?


This song is track 5 on the album Imagine Jihad (part 2).

Song lyrics

Meanwhile, back at their ranch.......
The Romans had changed the name of the Jewish
country to Palestine,
derived from the Greek word Paelistina
which comes from the Hebrew word Pelesh
.......the Philistines....
David - Goliath, remember those guys?
And why did the Romans do this?
'Cos them Jews had been no walkover.
So, to extinguish any claim to the Promised Land.
They wiped the Jewish name off the face of the Middle East map.
It was never a country again.
Then came a bunch of emperors, queens, kings,
sultans and caliphs
Conquered in the name of the new Arab Muslim
religion (in the year 636)
Then, by the Christian Crusaders
Who in turn were defeated by Muslim Kurd,
After that, 400 putrifyin' years
of Muslim Ottoman Turks
A kinda swamp.... Which is I figure why people left
And that's the way it was
'Til, the First World War
The Turks wrongsided with the Germans
And came off losers....
Them Philistines I told you about was already
900 years extinct when the Romans renamed
the Land of the Jews, Palestine.
And do you know what Philistines really means?
It means "dividers", "penetrators" or "invaders"
Now there's a thought....
And where did they come from, these invaders?
Well, they weren't A-rabs, that's for sure.
They was Confederales.
A confederation of sea peoples from Crete,
the Aegean Islands and
Asia Minor
Wherever that is....
So tell me.....
Who is a Palestinian?
Tell me who wrote their history
I'm asking you, just who is a Palestinian
What justifies this bloody legacy
On May 31, 1956 Ahmed Shukeiry, later the chairman of the PLO, said to the UN Security Council:
"It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria"
Is that so?
In 1977, Zahir Muhsein, PLO Executive Council Member, said
"The Palestinian people, does not exist.
The creation of a Palestinian State is only a means for continuing our
Jihad against the state of Israel for our Arab Unity.
In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese
Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people
since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct Palestinian people to oppose Zionism
Whoaa there!
In 1976, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, said to PLO Leader, Yasser Arafat,
"Never forget this one point, there is no such thing as a Palestinian people.
There is no Palestinian entity. There is only Syria"
Thanks for setting the record straight!

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