The Choice

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The Law says:

Just submit or die.


This song is track 3 on the album Imagine Jihad (part 2).

Song lyrics

Part 1 - Sword Hanging Over Your Head

There is no god but Allah
Mohammed is his Prophet
You must accept this or
Die or you may live in
Humiliation on God’s
Command there’s a
Sword hanging over your
Over, over, over
Oh oh Surrender

Part 2 - All Mankind Is Hostage

Mohammed came down the
Mohammed came down the mountain
And offered mankind
The Choice
Convert or Die or be
Punished and then burn in hell
Mohammed was rejected and
Emigrated to found an Islamic state
an Islamic state
Al-Hijra Arabic for Islamic Immigration
Islam’s calendar starts with immigration
Immigration, the leading edge of the
Sword of Islam, of the
Jihad to spread Islam by
Persuasion or force till it
Everywhere dominates
Believers must strive for an Islamic Shari’ah world...
Fitna, dissension is caused by those who oppose in their
Country the establishment of Islamic rule and law
Those who defend are aggressors, oppressors and
Mohammed declared war
On those he accused of
Failing to follow the word of
The Lord
The Lord
Oh The Lo-o-o-o- rd
Oho The Lo-o-o-o- rd
Allah the
Just Submit or Die
All mankind is
Hostage, suffers a kinda
Global Dhimmi Hostage Syndrome,
In fear and ignorance, many bond,
Dhimmi, Dhimmi
Oh Dhimmi, Dhimmi
And out of terror
Excuse ‘n justify, admire, even
Love Islam and
Surrender oh-o-ho
Submit or Die
Oh Dhimmi, Dhimmi
The mental condition of the
Subdued the well-schooled call
The condition of hostage to
Hostage to Islam
The Choice, Just
Submit or Die Oh just
Submit or Die
Just Submit or die
You-ou-ou-ou’ll be
Safe if you comply
The Choice,
We invite you come into my
Parlour said the spider to the fly
The Choice,
We’ll protect you but you won’t have
Legal rights
No equality, dhimmi tax
Koran nine-twenty-nine
We may even offer you a
Ta’lif al qulub that’s Arabic
Ta’lif al qulub
To win hearts and minds
We’ll deceive you, our
Prophet instructed us to
Dialogue with us is an instrument of our war
Koran three-sixty-four
Talk talk talk’ll bring you to your knees
Allah commands us to break treaties
Stand in line at airports and take off your
Shoes that is
Dhimmitude and not calling it
The Jihad Queue
Don’t dare criticise Allah’s perfection
Sacrilege punishable
Freedom of religion for Muslims you see
Means freedom to make infidels unfree
Freedom in Islam is not
Freedom as we know it at all
It means freedom to live
Only under Islamic Shari’ah Law
Peace in Islam means
Submission to Allah and His Islamic Shari’ah Law
The absence of Shari’ah is the absence of
Peace and so means
Holy War
And that is why
Winston Churchill called Islam
“The religion of blood and
religion of blood and war

Part 3 - Is Islam An Evil Empire?

“This form of madness”
Churchill said,
“Slavery will not become extinct
till the faith of Islam has
ceased to be a great power among men”
Brainwashed believers believe they’re religious
But Islam is primarily political
Political ‘cause
Mohammedans are obliged to
Strive to rule the
to rule the
The Choice
Just submit or Die
You-ou-ou-ou’ll be
Safe if you comply
if you comply

Scholars and professors have a vested interest in
Making it sound complicated and obscure
They make a living, make a career making it
Sound so hard
But its
Simple oh-woh-u-hoh so
Mohammedans are obliged to
Strive to rule the
World you-o—o-oh
Decide like
Ronald Reagan did
Is Islam too an Evil
Empire like the Soviet
Union was?

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