Up to 1,000 far-right supporters flock to launch of EDL founder Tommy Robinson's book 'Why Muslims Kill For Islam' - November 3, 2017 by Jane Lavender

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More lies from the Main Stream Media (M5M)

Extract:Up to 1,000 far-right supporters flock to launch of EDL founder Tommy Robinson's book 'Why Muslims Kill For Islam'

Crowds started to gather hours before Robinson appeared as a counter protest, organised by United Against Facism, also took place

As many as 1,000 far right supporters descended on Manchester tonight for the launch of EDL founder Tommy Robinson's book Why Muslims Kill For Islam.

Crowds started to gather outside Castlefield Bowl for a chance to get their hands on a copy of the book and to listen to a Q and A with the EDL founder.

United Against Fascists organised an opposition rally in the city and more than 50 police were at the scene.

Video footage emerged of UAF protesters chanting "Nazi scum off our streets".

Robinson wrote on Facebook that he and his supporters would go out drinking in nearby pubs later.+

He said: We are also planning on going for a few Friday night beers in the bars around the bowl so come down and make a night of it.

"Lets stick two fingers up to the bully boy tactics of the chief inspector of Manchester police and the little w****r who runs the licensing on Manchester council."

The political activist had been forced to cancel an event in the North east earlier this week.

Northumbria Police had concerns it was taking place on the same day as Newcastle United’s home game with Bournemouth.

Anti-racist campaigners had planned to demonstrate outside the venue.

However, Mr Robinson , the founder and former head of the far right English Defence League, announced on his Facebook site the book signing event and Q&A session had been called off and was looking to re-schedule it for the New Year.

After cancelling his appearance in Newcastle, Robinson wrote: “Unfortunately my appearance in Newcastle this Saturday has been postponed due to the venue deciding against holding our event.

“We are obviously bitterly disappointed however this decision has been taken directly from the venue themselves.

“We will endeavour to release a new date for Newcastle in January 2018.”