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The Law says:

Judaism is so misrepresented that the essential meaning of the Bible, which is the liberation of man from physical and spiritual slavery is forgotten.


This song is track 10 on the album Imagine Jihad (part 2).

Song lyrics

Part 1 - The Jihad

The jihad is an instrument of Islam’s war on non-Muslims
A war with the political objective of world rule
A war and a politics cloaked as a religion
The jihad is an expansionist holy war
To Islamize non-Muslim territory
It transforms a conquered people
Into a subjugated dhimmi people
While Islam the force behind jihad spreads Islamic values

Part 2 - Values

These are completely different
Apologists say they’re the same
All from Abraham
They’re not the same
Values completely different
Judeo-Christian values gave rise to
Equality, freedom Human advancement
Those of Islam to
Inequality, backwardness, legalised discrimination
Persecution of non-Muslims, women treated appallingly
And Allah sanctioned slavery
These are completely
Different…they’re not the
Same…they’re not
The same…they’re not
The same…they’re not
The same

Part 3 - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Remember the
Struggles of our ancestors
Their fight for freedom
Inspired by a dream
All to be free and equal
Life, liberty
The pursuit of
Values completely different
Apologists say they’re the same
All from Abraham
They’re not the same
These are completely different
They’re not the same
They’re not the same
They’re not the same
They’re not the same

Part 4 - You maybe one of those

You maybe one of
Those who blames
Religion for all
But if you lump all religions in the same pot you
Scorn the foundation of
The freedom you

Part 5 - The Essential Meaning of the Bible

Judaism is so misrepresented that the essential
Meaning of the Bible, which is the liberation of man
From physical and spiritual slavery
Is forgotten
Jews and Christians together
Share this legacy this Biblical odyssey
To freedom, equality, democracy as
Spiritual relatives
Is anger at Jews and Christians
Western civilization’s revolt against its own founding principles
Its own civilizing values its own
Civilizing imperative?
Those who show
Anger or resent don’t know or care how freedom came
To be that it didn’t simply
Grow on trees and so
They confuse their moral

Part 6 - If We Forget Our Roots

If we forget
Our roots our
History…we may lose the will to
Fight, submit, surrender to the
Rage and deception of
Islam…the freedoms that we know
Will ghost into the myth of a Golden Age
Our past lost in Islam’s maze
Its war of conquest
Sharia Law to control and suppress
Politics disguised as
I cannot see
I cannot see
How Moses the Prophets and Jesus
Are supposed retrospectively
To have embraced
Islam. These were Hebrew prophets
And Jesus was a Jew
If we forget our history
We’ll fall into a jihad trap
Divided, no will to
Fight back we’ll lose our future
And our children, and our descendants
Will live a living

Part 7 - Jihad Aims

The concept of jihad aims at the triumph of Islam, the extermination or conversion of pagans and the conversion or humiliation of Jews and Christians
Islamic theology deems as pagan all other human beings apart from Jews and Christians

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