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The following articles by FrontPageMag are cited within The WMD Library:

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Another Victory for the 'Stealth Jihad' - November 28, 2008 by Kathy Shaidle28 November 2008Kathy Shaidle
Fact or “Islamophobia”? - July 5, 2007 by Robert Spencer5 July 2007Robert Spencer
Jihad and Dhimmitude: Victimless Islamic Institutions? - December 3, 2002 by Bat Ye'or, Andrew G. Bostom3 December 2002Bat Ye'or
Andrew G. Bostom
Lawsuits that Silence - October 25, 2007 by Jamie Glazov25 October 2007Jamie Glazov
McCain vs. Muslim Radicals - July 23, 2008 by Robert Spencer23 July 2008Robert Spencer
Shilling for Sharia at Harvard - March 27, 2008 by Hillel Stavis27 March 2008Hillel Stavis
Teaching Hatred in Saudi Arabia and Egypt: The UN Response - October 1, 2004 by David G. Littman1 October 2004David G. Littman
The Palestinianization of Europe - April 26, 2007 by Jamie Glazov26 April 2007Bat Ye'or
Jamie Glazov
The UN: An International Menace - April 11, 2006 by Pedro Sanjuan11 April 2006Pedro Sanjuan

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