Reforming Islam?

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The Law says:

Leading ex-Muslim Ali Sina believes reforming Islam is impossible.

See the article below by Ali Sina, What is Wrong with Bouchard-Taylor Report, and also the excerpt below from his book Understanding Muhammed.

We present many similar views below from a variety of authorities that we think are excellent.

We reproduce below the most generous assessment that we think can be made about the possibility – by the distinguished late professor Jaques Ellul:

"Indeed many Muslim Governments try to combat the Islamic trend but to succeed would require a total recasting of mentalities and desacrilization of jihad, a self-critical awareness of Islamic imperialism and acceptance of the secular nature of political power and the rejection of certain Koranic doctrine. Of course, after all the changes that we have seen taking place in the Soviet Union it is not unthinkable, but what a global change that would imply: a change in the whole historical trend and the reform of a remarkably structured religion!"

The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam by Bat Ye’or, Foreward p. 21.

WMD believes that reforming Islam is not possible simply because the fundamental ideology of it is just plain wrong.

Taking over and running the world under Islamic Sharia Law which requires the removal from non-Muslims of all legal rights, including even the right to life, all under the unchangeable command of the Muslim god Allah, is not a viable proposition for running a world fit for all mankind to live in.

As we sing in our song Best Nation: “What about equality? Sharia law on the contrary”

Judge fer Y’Self

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