The Arabic root of Dhimmitude

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These definitions are scanned from pages 360 & 361 of Arabic-English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic 4th Edition by Hans Wehr. This is seen as a highly authoritative source. What makes these definitions and source interesting is the way in which the Hans Wehr Dictionary is organised both alphabetically and according to the common roots of words. How to use the Hans Wehr Dictionary - January 1, 2005 by Arabic Language Lessons.


to blame, find blameworthy, dispraise, criticise, to rebuke, censure sharply


protection, care, custody; covenant of protection, compact; responsibility, answerableness; financial obligation, liability, debt; inviolability, security of life and property; safeguard, guarantee, security; conscience.


a zimmi, a free non-Muslim subject living in a Muslim country (see dimma)

Dhimmitude the song