Tommy Robinson shows Mohammed a Biography at his book launch in Manchester 2017-11-03

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{{#evu: }} This page will eventually contain a record of the premiere of Mohammed A Biography at Tommy Robinson's book launch party for Mohammed's Koran. If you find a livestream of our song being played, please get in touch with us, contact details below!

The bottom line: why have the press not reacted to such a "provocative" film being shown by Tommy Robinson? One word: Dhimmitude. There's a sword hanging over their heads. Right now those in charge of the Muslim outrage machine have decided not to give Tommy any more attention than necessary. It does not suit their agenda to kick off another cartoon Jihad. How long will this last? Nobody knows.


Red Pill Phill recorded this live stream on YouTube {{#evu: }}

Lutz Bachman shared this stream on Facebook

Good background video from Ruptly {{#evu:}}


The video was shown on the side of a bus!

Queue for signed books Tommy Robinson Manchester
Giant video screen on a bus used by Tommy Robinson in Manchester

Good Coverage

Bad Coverage

Obviously the main stream media (M5M) had to get their usual lies in:

{{#evu: }}

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