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The following articles by JihadWatch are cited within The WMD Library:

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"Terrorism is just one tactic being used by Islamic extremists in their effort to force their way of life on the rest of the world" - July 8, 2008 by Robert Spencer8 July 2008Robert Spencer
"There is nothing in the Qur'an that violates human rights" - May 19, 2007 by Robert Spencer19 May 2007Robert Spencer
CAIR rep Omer Subhani exposes Robert Spencer! Part VII - May 20, 2008 by Robert Spencer20 May 2008Robert Spencer
Death-Defying Feat - October 17, 2006 by Robert Spencer17 October 2006Robert Spencer
Fitzgerald: Second-class citizens? - December 16, 2007 by Hugh Fitzgerald16 December 2007Hugh Fitzgerald
Not a word about the dhimmi laws... - March 17, 2008 by Robert Spencer17 March 2008Robert Spencer

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