Organization of the Islamic Conference celebrates its 40th anniversary - September 28, 2009 by UZ Report

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The Law says:
How the OIC sees itself: "OIC now constitutes an arena where a significant part of its member states' external relations is streamlined. It is the second largest political organization of the world after the United Nations."

This is the source of the quote used at the start of the song Who Is The OIC

Extract:Organization of the Islamic Conference celebrates its 40th anniversary

28.09.2009 10:52:20 A reception on the occasion of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) 40th anniversary took place at the Waldrof Astoria Hotel in New York City on 26 September.

OIC Secretary General, Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, welcomed many heads of states, prime ministers, ministers, diplomats, prominent media figures, and the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon.

The Secretary General said the OIC is an intergovernmental organization set to enhance the bonds of solidarity and cooperation among its Member States, coordinate their endeavors in the political, economic and cultural fields.

He emphasized that after four decades of its existence the OIC now constitutes an arena where a significant part of its member states' external relations is streamlined. It is the second largest political organization of the world after the United Nations.

It is the voice and representative of 1.5 billion Muslims spread over a wide geography extending from the Atlantic shores to the confines of China and the shores of the islands of the Philippines and Indonesia, and in addition, countries in South America, he added.

Prof. Ihsanoglu stressed that the establishment of this Organization in 1969 at a summit meeting of Muslim leaders is probably the most significant development in the contemporary history of the Muslim world.

He added: "The birth of the OIC came as a realization of Muslim nation-wide aspiration for founding an umbrella institution for Muslim solidarity. Its birth provided the Muslim world with a modern institution different from the traditional umbrella represented by the Caliphate, under which the Muslim world lived until the year 1924."

In fact, as a modern regime in the contemporary life of the Muslim world, the OIC serves as an engine for progress and prosperity in the Muslim world. It is considered the rallying assembly of Muslims, where their leadership meet to discuss their affairs, and elaborate their common decisions to better serve their interests and concerns.

One of the duties of the OIC nowadays is to project the true enlightened message of Islam to the world, based on Islam's compassionate image through presenting its noble values and supreme principles.

Presently, the OIC is regarded as the unique and the most trusted and authoritative spokesman for the Muslim world on the major global issues. It is in this light that the United States administration has recently came to appreciate and recognize this role and took the decision of nominating a Special Envoy to the OIC. It is also based on this premise that both President Bush and President Obama acknowledged the OIC role in the international arena.

Since its birth, the OIC firmly stands for moderation and tolerance. It condemns and rejects all forms of fanaticism, extremism and bigotry. It emphasizes the inter-civilization and interfaith dialogues based on mutual respect and equality among the interlocutors.

The OIC also stands to defend respect of human rights, endeavors to promote good governance, to widen political participation, establish the rule of law, ensure transparency and accountability, while combating terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and rejecting all attempts to justify this abhorrent phenomenon.

A great deal of the effort of the OIC is directed toward human development in the socio-economic spheres in its Member States through concrete and practical programs, including poverty alleviation, education, science and technology, and empowering woman and elevating her status

Fighting Malaria and Polio has recently become an important priority for our organization. "We are working hard for reconciliation between Islam and the West because we believe that today's human civilization is one civilization with a multitude of tributaries and branches," he added.

Prof. Ihsaoglu said: "We in the OIC, inspired by our new Charter, are striving to build the new Muslim man and woman with new vision, by merging the rich heritage of the past with the positive aspects of the present and future. We are eager to see the Muslim world go forth in the world with all developed bodies, fairly developed brains and developed hearts."